Are Public Figures “Fair Use” in Online Video Marketing?

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I interview intellectual property and e-commerce attorney David M. Adler, and explores the question: Can you feature someone in a video advertisement simply because Buy cheap Accutane Online you have video footage (or can access video footage) of them using or talking about your product, service, or brand? Also, what is the most legally safe way to feature a video of a public figure for your own business purposes?

For some background on our interview guest, David M. Adler is a partner of Adler & Franczyk, a boutique intellectual property firm focused in 5 basic areas in legal representation: Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, E-Commerce and Internet Law, Entertainment, and Finance. David has also done a number of interviews with ReelSEO covering legal issues with online video marketing. You can watch our full video interview and read the partial transcript below…

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